I was born in France in 1972. Art became my passion from a very young age. I arrived in London in 1994 where I studied art and obtained a BA honours in Fine Art painting. I spent some years traveling in various countries, China,Vietnam, Africa {Mali), the Caribbean, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Greece. Since 1997, I have participated in severals solo and group exhibitions and I have been working on commission.
        Initial inspiration has changed a lot for me due to the fact that my paintings in the beginning were surrealist. I now consider myself to be an abstract painter, inspired by the outer tangible world.
The observation of the world that surrounds me, thoughts, reflections, analysis, concentration and imagination all nurture my inspiration.
My paintings convey the free expression of my intuitive and emotional side.
Intuitive paintings open up our imagination where mysterious worlds and life forms can evolve, creating a visual language, posing some sense of mystery and forcing the viewer to construct their own ideas.
Importance lies in the individuality of each work and the individual viewer's experience.
Painting is a state of being and I believe that in the subjective process of painting, I would find my own definition.
        The complex nature of my work starts out from a great table, where the process of creation begins with the preparation of the canvas using cotton, denim or other fabric. I apply rabbit skin glue or primer in several layers before painting, a process that acquires time between layers and drying. During this process I am already organizing the space, creating different textures to obtain several planes and depth. My chromatic language is wide but I mainly work with oil paint. The application technique is varied, using brushes, spatulas, rags, papers, etc., and applying many thick or diluted layers, according to the concept of the project.
My goal is creating reflective and honest work, permitting chance.
Driven by an inner force, I explore the very process of painting as I work and rework the canvas in a free search for the essence of things. I activate the picture surface by creating a relationship between form, space, colour and line.
I have the chance to work either in France in a very peaceful environment or in the UK. However I mainly work and live in London, surrounded by traffic, noise and people. I attempt to work every day of the week because I feel the necessity to paint in order to feel complete, and for that reason I have the essential philosophy of living and working in the same site.
I have my breakfast absorbing information of the present via newspaper or television, (indispensable to continue creating with my feet on the ground); I review notes and sketches from the previous night and then go to the studio
I paint, plunge night and day between colours, brushes and the intense activity that reigns in my studio, always losing the notion of time until my body and mind demand a rest. Sometimes a friend may come by to visit and will support the creative process by passing comments or critical observations on a current piece in progress, which is always helpful. Days of living this intense and demanding life-style surrounded by canvas, papers with notes, sketches and the smell of paint, can leave everything apart from painting ending up occupying a second place. But my days are full of happiness and emotions.

Email : caroslane@yahoo.com
Tel : +44 (0) 7956 493 945
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1997- 2000          
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The City Literacy Institute, London
Desktop video and digital editing using Premiere
Wimbledon School of Art, London
BA Honours Fine Art Painting.
“ Engaging With Pollock” course led by Garry Wragg and Michael Grossbard with contributions from Basil Beatty and Tory Begg. The course involves two days of study of the paintings of Jackson Pollock exhibited at the Tate Gallery and a week of intensive practical work at the City Lit Studio.
The City Literacy Institute, London
Fine Art Portfolio course.
“Les Ateliers de La Gobiniere.” Part-time courses. Nantes. France.